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Pottery Wheel & Clay Events

Pottery Wheel Workshop
Learn the basics of the Pottery wheel throwing and hand building with a two visit class; the first visit you will be creating a serving tray or cheese board and throwing a dip bowl.  Following the firing process you will return in one weeks to glaze your masterpieces. 

Ages 8+

$50.00 per person     

Tuesday 1:00pm Classes

March 7

April 4

May 16

Thursday 5:00pm Classes

March 2

April 6

May 11

Saturday 10:00am Classes

March 4

April 8

May 6

June 17

August 12


High Fire Pottery Wheel Workshop
This workshop focuses on beginner throwing techniques on the Pottery Wheels and brush application of specialized glazes.  This two visit class; will begin with creating two pottery figures; one (1) serving bowl on the pottery wheel and one (1) hand built tray.  Following the two week drying and firing process you will return to paint your masterpiece using a brushing application of specialized pottery glaze.


( Making and glazing require specialized instructions and are set dates.  If you cant make your glazing date you will need to return on another glazing date. )

Ages 14+

$75.00 per person     

Tuesday 1:00pm Classes

March 14

April 11

May 9

Thursday 5:00pm Classes

March 16

April 13

May 4

Saturday 10:00am Classes

April 15
May 20

July 15


Kids N' Clay Workshop
Learn the basics of the Pottery wheel throwing and hand building with this kid friendly clay workshop. This class will teach the basics on the pottery wheel and hand building.  Each child will throw one (1) bowl on the pottery wheel, hand built a pinch pot creation from their imagination and glaze all project in a one visit lesson. 


Ages 7+

$35.00 per person

Classes starts at 3:30pm 

March 23

April 7

April 19

May 17


Hand Building Open Clay Studio
Open clay studio for hand building.  Includes clay, uses of tools, firing and glazing. Pricing is by the day per poundage of clay. Booking by reservation.  Pottery wheel not available for open studio usage.

$40.00+ per day

Select Wednesdays 12:00pm - 4:00pm

January 18

February 8

February 22

March 8

Clay Impressions
Create a Print Clay Impression to treasure every crease and line of your family's hands and feet. 

Custom Finishing included unless specified.

$18.00+ per impression (pricing varies on sizing & custom finishing)

Ornaments and Wall Plaques Available

Call 48 hours in advance to schedule your clay impression

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