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Mother's Day Gift Baskets

Gift Basket Includes:

  • Paint Your Own Ceramic Project - a variety of ceramic are available

  • Paint & Brush Set

  • Susie G's Design Your Own Cookie Kit - includes two cookies

(All baked goods are peanut & tree nut FREE)

  • Bath Bombs or Salts

  • And Two Floral Seed Packs

- All Tucked inside a Galvanized Planter -

Pricing varies per basket $29.50 - $48.00

Are you more interested in giving mom a one-of-a-kind

finished keepsake this Mother's Day?  Now offering hand & footprint...

Mother's Day Custom Finishing


How it works:

  • Select a size appropriate pottery project

Ex: Flower Pots, Canisters, Plates/Platters, Bowls, Picture Frames, Wall Hanging....

  • Select your base color --- It needs to be LIGHT (white, cream, tans, grey or pastel shades)

  • Select your hand print color --- Colors need to be BRIGHT/BOLD or DARK

  • Take you Project home & Paint 2-3 coats of base color

  • Paint your kiddos hands or feet press on platter

  • Fill our the provided order form & Return to The Painted Pot

  • Wait one week & Ta-Da your are the Boss of Gift Giving!!!

$5 per project plus the cost of pottery

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