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Pottery To-Go


Brighten your day with Pottery Painting To-Go; A perfect way to create memories with family and friends.  We can pack-up something perfect for your next Celebration, Scout Outings, Office Meetings or School Fundraiser... the possibilities are endless!  Pre-select your pottery and paints online and we’ll prepare your order to be ready the following business day. All you have to do is swing by and pick it up to enjoy painting pottery ANYWHERE!

All To-Go Pottery purchases included

  • 4 To-Go Size glaze colors

  • Instructions 

  • Glazing & Firing

Brushes not included

  • Professional Brushes Set Available for purchase 


Please Note:

Online Pottery To-Go orders will be held for 7 days after purchase date for Pick-Up

All finished pottery must be returned within 30 days of purchase date for firing

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